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Cape Verde visa

Entry visa required to enter Cape Verde Cape Verde nationals do not require visas Yachts arriving at Sal must report to airport

Cape Verde Multiple entry Visa

Multiple entry visas are useful for property owners who wish to travel frequently to the Cape Verde Islands.

It would appear that you can get these visas from various Cape Verde Embassies in Europe, or via the honorary Cape Verde Consul in the UK. Click here for more information on Cape Verde visas .

If you need to get a visa once you are already staying in the Cape Verde Islands, this is the information we received from the police station in Espargos in June 2008.

You will need to provide the police station with the following documents:-

Comprovativo Alojamento (proof of where you stay)

Meio de subsistencia - extracto bancario (bank statement from Cape Verde bank to prove that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay in the Cape Verde Islands)

Proof of income/employment (unspecified)

Atestado Medico (medical certificate provided by Cape Verde doctor)

Um foto (one photograph)


Multiple entry visa 4800 Cape Verde Escudos. This lasts six months.

Temporary extension to your tourist visa 2400 Cape Verde Escudos. However, when we tried to extend a tourist visa, the police were unable to help us.

All information on visas subject to change.

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