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As an all-year round destination, the Cape Verde Islands are well positioned between Portugal and Brazil. Holidays in Cape Verde are reasonably priced and eating and drinking can be very inexpensive. Unlike other places that are this warm all year round, rainfall is very little, and temperatures don't soar. So while you might freeze in Europe in the winter or boil in the Mediterrean in the summer, you will be surprised by the weather in the Cape Verde Islands.

In the winter in particular, night time temperatures in the Cape Verde Islands such as Sal, Boavista, Maio, Fogo, Santiago, Sao Vicente, Sao Nicolao, Brava are much higher. We have never had the need for any form of heating and outdoor eating is pleasant all year.

Bathed by the trade winds, despite being in the tropics it doesn't feel as hot as it really is, which is great for a suntan without over heating. When the winds drop, it does feel much hotter. Personally, we like the wind, as it keeps everything at a good holiday temperature.

What's special about a Cape Verde holiday

Less than 6 hours flight time from UK, with daytime flights - charters available

No jet lag

Temperate climate (not too hot, not too cold)

Trade winds are great for water sports and keeping you cool

Extremely little rain - unique climate

No tropical diseases (depends on which island)

Great seafood and fish

Friendly happy people

White sandy beaches that go on and on for ever

Variety amongst the islands and the peoples

You can get away from tourists and off the beaten track even on the main tourist island

Wonderful music

Blue, blue ocean

Open air restaurants and bars, many at the water's edge

Very few restaurants are air conditioned (not like the USA)

No MacDonalds

Undeveloped, sometimes verging on primitive

Choice of hotels, villas, apartments

Choice of small, large, all-inclusive, b&b or self catering

I could go on. When we first went on our first holiday to the Cape Verde Islands, we had no expectations. We were two out of four Britons on the plane. We had been to Gambia, Kenya and South Africa on holiday, so guessed that Cape Verdes might be a bit like Gambia by Sea. But on arriving at Santa Maria and looking at the architecture of the small bungalows, it was much more like Portugal. The next day, we wondered where we we were, until we discovered the beach and the turquoise ocean. We had a great holiday, and were sure that this was a place that would soon be discovered by many more holiday makers from the UK. And it has.

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