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FAQ on Cape Verde Islands


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I don't know where to go in the Cape Verdes

If you like sun, sea and sand, and the shortest flying time from UK, then Sal and Boavista are good bets at present. For other interests, please see sports to see what you might like.

How can I save money on my Cape Verde trip

Often from the UK it's cheaper to buy flight and accommodation separately, sometimes it's cheaper to buy a package. We can advise. Talk to us before you book anything. If you want to go to several islands, we can ways to buy your flight tickets and recommend routings that may save you money, or suggest charter flights to cut the cost. At present, the cheapest holidays for one week from the UK are on Sal and Boavista. Consider looking at apartments or villas if there are two or more of you travelling. Prices rise when many people want to go there, including Christmas, Easter, Carnival, July and August. If you are able to travel outside these periods you should find it cheaper, and easier to book what you want.

Where can I fly from

For direct flights to Cape Verde, you can fly from Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, Stansted, Bristol or Lisbon. We can advise on other routes.

I want to see all the islands

It's not like Greece. You will need to fly between most of the islands, so think of an extra island as a day of travel. Then decide how many islands you would like, bearing in mind that each island adds more cost to your holiday.

Is it safe in the Cape Verdes

As we live in London, we feel safer in the Cape Verdes, but there are some spots we try to avoid and so we tell our clients to avoid too.

What about children in the Cape Verdes

With a tropical climate, but without all the tropical diseases, children should like it. If you are taking infants with you, pack any special food and medicines before you go. Check that the beach you like is safe. There are no amusement parks so take the children if they like beaches or watersports.

When's the best time to go to Cape Verde

With summer every day, any time of the year may suit you. September and October are the hottest months, and this is when it may rain (but not a lot). There is more wind in the winter months December to March.

I want a 5 star hotel in the Cape Verdes

There are no international star ratings and local ratings are not comparable. This is why we have classed hotels into two categories of superior (by the beach, or somewhere you should be happy to spend all day) to value (without swimming pool and often not on the beach). We have ommitted the very cheapest hotels in Cape Verde.

The Cape Verdes is totally undiscovered, what will I find there

The British have only recently been taking beach holidays there. Before this the Portuguese (former colony), Germans, Italians, Spanish amongst others have been holidaying there for years. So in Sal, there is more choice of restaurants and bars than you might have expected. The islands are pretty undeveloped and you won't find all the tourist amenities that you might like on all the islands.

What about the building works

There is quite a lot of new building work going on. We try and monitor it as best we can. Generally the accommodation we offer is in areas without building work, although the timing of these works is hard to predict. There are plenty of islands and spots to choose from where very little building is taking place and you may prefer these.

I've heard that the Cape Verdes is the New Caribbean

Feedback would suggest that our clients don't view the islands as such. They are unique Atlantic Islands with their own identity. A mixture of cultures due to so many people passing through in former times. Being on the same latitude as Barbados, there is Caribbean type warmth, but without all the rain.

Food and drink is going to be expensive, I want all-inclusive

There are all inclusive resorts, as well as hotels, villas and apartments. Because eating and drinking out is not expensive, like in the Caribbean, there is less need for all inclusive.

Direct flights to Cape Verde from Dublin

There were direct flights from Dublin and we hope that there will be again, but now there are none. Many Irish like to travel via Lisbon and enjoy visiting this lovely town near the water.

I want a villa with a pool

There are few rental villas with their own private pools right now. There are villas to let very near the ocean with beautiful sea views and a shared large pool. In time, villas with pools will be built, but you will need to wait until the resorts are completed.

We all like doing different things, what can we do in the Cape Verde Islands?

See sports and cape verde information for ideas on what to do where.

We want to find a green lush island

Travel to the Cape Verdes during August to October, and after rain, some islands become very green, until the grass dies again by December. Santa Antao, Brava, Santiago and Fogo have the most vegetation. Otherwise if green trees and green grass are what you crave, there are many places in the world with a lot more rainfall to choose from. The Cape Verdes have their own charm.

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